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Leading Real Estate Agents in Richmond Hill, NY


Yael Shanee is an Experienced, dedicated, and honest Realtor with in-depth knowledge of the industry and current market trends. Yael will tell you if your local area is following the national directions or if there’s something different in your vicinity. You can use all that valuable information to make the best possible decision. 

Honest and Transparent Real Estate Services

Yael Shanee is an experienced realtor in Richmond Hill, NY, providing expert services to her clients through her vast market knowledge and customer-centered service. She ensures you are well-equipped with updated information when making a crucial real estate decision.

Yael Shanee’s real estate agents in Richmond Hill help you at every step, making a way for a smooth transaction from start to end.

Richmond Hill is a diverse neighborhood in South Queens, boasting a wide range of houses. North Richmond Hill is renowned for its classic Victorian-style homes, while central Richmond Hill and South Richmond Hill have two- and three-bed houses, townhouses, apartments, and small businesses. The area’s history dates back to the
early 1900s so you can find various multi-generational families here. The place has a rich tradition and history.


Find your ideal home in Richmond Hill.

Yael Shanee helps you find the perfect house using her extensive database of homes for sale in this area. She takes pride in providing personalized services to buyers moving to and around Richmond Hill to find the perfect property through her deep knowledge of the local market and her network of contacts.

Leverage technology to achieve your real estate goals

The mission of our real estate agents in Richmond Hill, NY, is to make the journey of home buyers and sellers stress-free and seamless. We believe in ongoing education and are always equipped with the latest technology to enable you to market and sell your property. Yael Shanee possesses the know-how to help you find your next home or sell it as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Accomplished real estate agents in Richmond Hill, NY

Having witnessed many situations and moving families over the years, she understands the nuances of real estate transactions. A deep awareness of trends and key metrics in the market assists her in positioning buyers and sellers most effectively.

Avoid all closing problems.

The real estate transaction is delicate, and even the smallest error can prove costly, particularly when a sale nears closing. And our expert real estate agents in Richmond Hill watch out to prevent problems before it’s too late.

We take care of everything from unexpected title issues to lender-related problems. With us, you can be safe from any challenge that arises.