Accessibility Adjustments

Widget User Manual

We did our best to protect you and created an ADA compliance widget which will help your website visitors with disabilities to receive all the information from your website.
How to enable the widget on the website?
There are two ways to enable the widget:
    Way #1
  • Just find the widget icon (down the screen) and click on it.
    Widget Icon Position
  • Choose your preferred color scheme for contrast – white or black.
    ADA Normalization Buttons
    Way #2
    Use keyboard navigation.
  • For Google Chrome Browser – press “Tab” button, then “Enter”, then “Tab”, and then “Enter” again.
    Hot Keys for Google Chrome
  • For Safari Browser – press “Option”+“Tab” buttons, then “Enter”, then “Option”+“Tab”, and then “Enter” again.
    Hot Keys for Safari iOS
As a result
You’ll be able to see white or black clean background
White Normalization View
Black Normalization View
Now you can use the widget’s settings
and choose the preferable page view.
You can increase the font size.
Toggle Font Size Mode
You can increase the font weight.
Toggle Font Weight Mode
You can increase the letters spacing.
Toggle Letters Spacing Mode
You can increase the line height.
Toggle Line Height Mode
You can increase word spacing.
Toggle Word Spacing Mode
You can show or hide all images.
Toggle Images Visualization Mode
You can increase cursor.
Toggle Big Cursor Mode
You can use text-to-speech converter if you can’t read the text. Just place the cursor on a paragraph of text you want to hear.
Toggle Text-to-Speech Mode
You can highlight headers.
Highlight Page Headers Mode
You can highlight links.
Highlight Page Links Mode
You can choose any color filter.
Select Color Filter Mode
You can align text as you wish.
Select Text Alignment Mode
You can use quick links to reach any link on the page in two steps.
Select Quick Links
You can also increase the widget frame size.
Widget Maximized Mode