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Middle Village

By 1820, the part of Newtown best known for its 100-acre swamp was being called ‘Middle Village’ because it lay midpoint on this road. The Turnpike became Metropolitan Avenue, a free road, by 1873. The western part of Middle Village which today borders Ridgewood was also called “Metropolitan” before WWI.
Middle Village is a mainly residential neighborhood in the central section of the borough of Queens bounded to the north by the Long Island Expressway., to the East by Woodhaven Blvd., and to the south by Cooper Avenue, and to the west by Mount Olivet Cemetery . Middle Village is bordered by the neighborhoods of Elmhurst to the north, Maspeth and Ridgewood to the west, Glendale to the south, and Rego Park to the east.
Residents say that part of living in this area is having a commitment to making it a welcoming place for families and to maintaining a high quality of life. Whether it’s pushing to keep the area’s gem – the 55-acre Juniper Valley Park – a haven for residents or to ensure that high-density zoning doesn’t alter the neighborhood’s aesthetic and feel, this Central Queens nabe’s proud residents know how to put up a fight. Families, old-timers and kids congregate at the park to play on the ball, bocce and shuffleboard courts and baseball fields.
Over the years the civic association has butted heads with Parks Department commissioners who wanted to develop the park or make additions for things local residents didn’t want, like BBQ grills. Locals have so far successfully advocated in their favor.
Surrounding the pretty park, Juniper Valley Park a 55 acres of greenery, tennis courts, roller skating courts, dog park, etc is the jewel of the neighborhood.
Middle Village’s population is low-density compared to nearby areas like Ridgewood and Rego Park. Detached and attached Tudor homes with American Flags swaying over windows and doorways line its quiet streets along with mostly private homes.
About 80 percent of the residents are Roman Catholic, and the largest of the neighborhood’s churches is Our Lady of Hope. Its complex covers three blocks extending from 71st Street to 74th Street and includes a gymnasium and a ball field for basketball, soccer, baseball and softball.
On Metropolitan Avenue you’ll find butchers, hardware stores and fruit markets along with Italian and Spanish eateries and Polish delis. Eliot Avenue has a Met Food and Andy’s Delicatessen. The Silver Barn Farms on Caldwell Avenue offers dairy products and fresh produce. Metro Mall is a small shopping mall right on Metropolitan Ave west on the subway station.
Middle Village is a great neighborhood, 30 minutes from midtown Manhattan. The area is clean, well groomed, friendly, has great shopping options and schools.