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Top-Rated Real Estate Agents in Kew Gardens, NY

Passionately dedicated to aiding home buyers and sellers in achieving their real estate aspirations.

Get an Extraordinary Experience of Buying and Selling Property in Kew Gardens

Yael Shanee Realtor helps home buyers find the perfect property per their needs.
She takes care of all essential aspects, including documentation, negotiation, and advice, till she seals the deal.
Kew Gardens – is a divested populated residential community with a mix of one-family homes above the million-dollar range, complex apartments, co-ops, and condominiums—a place with green and airy, tree-lined streets and access to adjoining Forest Park.
As a listing agent in Kew Gardens, Yael Shanee will show you the wide choice of available properties and guide you in buying or selling a home. She will ensure that you remain well-updated.
As a highly experienced real estate agent, Yael is committed to making the buying and selling process in Kew Gardens, easy and smooth.


Simplify the Real Estate Process with Yael Shanee Realtor

Yael Shanee believes in fostering a deep relationship with her clients. By understanding your Real Estate needs and market trends, she ensures to find the home of your dreams or sell your home smoothly at top market price.

Target the right audience for selling your home.

Have you decided to sell your property? Yael Shanee Realtor has the requisite expertise, knowledge, and negotiating skills to help you reach optimum market prices. Our listing agents in Kew Gardens will update you on current marketplace happenings, costs, terms and conditions of competing properties, and financing. So you will know precisely how to price and the right time to sell your property.

Simplify the Real Estate Process with Yael Shanee Realtor.

Property buying needs you to confront complex issues and make significant financial decisions, not to mention getting through copious amounts of paperwork. But when you have us by your side, you can rest your needs and concerns. Be it coops, condos, commercial, or single and multi-family homes, we’ll ensure you find the best place.




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